Bruno MoinardPresident and Founder

Bruno Moinard, architect, scenographer, designer, draftsman and painter, founded his agency 4BI in 1995 after leaving the team of Andrée Putman and Ecart International, which he had joined in 1979. His scenographic mastery with regards to many creations for museums, exhibitions and boutiques, including Fondation Cartier, brought him rapidly towards the universe of luxury. One of his strengths resides in the subtle, elegant, refined yet warm integration of French culture into each of his creations around the world. In 2002, Maison Cartier entrusted him with the new concept and development of its boutiques throughout the world (350 to date), a partnership that has been continuying until now. Other notable projects include Château Latour in Pauillac (owned by François Pinault) in two phases of work (2003 and 2015). In Paris, Hôtel Plaza Athénée (2014), in Reims, Hôtel du Marc Veuve Clicquot (2011, LVMH group), Balenciaga headquarters (2014). His solidly established reputation would then extend through Europe to include the Dorchester Hotel (2014) and the Four Seasons Hotel in London (2015), and increasingly in Asia, in Japan and especially in China with two hotels in Chengdu (2013). En 2014, he created Bruno Moinard Éditions, with a first furniture collection, and opened his gallery on 31 Rue Jacob in Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris. In 2010, with Éditions de La Martinière, he published his first work, “L'Architecte Promeneur”, followed by a second in October 2015 entitled “Du Trait à la Lumière”. See more

Claire BétaillePartner Director

Claire Bétaille graduated from the École du Louvre in 2001 and École Camondo in 2006, part of Les Arts Décoratifs cultural institution, the school offering a five-year course in interior architecture and design. The same year she created her own organization and successfully completed several private residence projects. Very quickly she realized that she was missing something that was essential for her: sharing and exchanging with others. A decisive encounter was to strongly influence her professional journey. Bruno Moinard welcomed her into his agency 4BI and in 2007 invited her to contribute to the development of the concept and boutiques of Maison Cartier, a faithful client of the agency. From 2010 Claire would accompany the substantial development of 4BI internationally, notably in Asia. The richness of exchanges and fruitful collaborations convinced Bruno Moinard to invite Claire to become his associate, which was formalized in 2012. The agency is now called 4BI & Associés. See more

The force of Bruno Moinard

Over the years, what have been the components of Bruno Moinard’s successful professional journey?
They would of course include his talents and skills as an architect, a scenographer and a designer, but not only that. His achievements would not be what they are without more subtle and sensitive elements stemming from his own personality. What are his intrinsic human strengths and qualities? Why do men and women from different continents around the world come to entrust him with the fulfillment of their wishes, or even their dreams?

“It’s true that what I do is completely different from others. No one does what I do, how I do it”, he says with a smile, almost despite himself, because the statement could appear pretentious, though in reality, it isn’t. Bruno Moinard is driven by simplicity, and modesty, even if he exercises his skills in a world often linked to luxury. But what does he mean by “luxury”? For him, it is certainly a chance to explore his capacities for artistic expression to infuse visual and sensory beauty, and to make known the work of outstanding craftsmen.

So, why is he so special? “People come from all over the world to ask us for the famous “French touch”, and we combine the immense cultural and historical richness of France through the century’s right up to today with their own cultures. Stories are thus created. We guide them; we accompany them, as if we were going to the theater, the cinema. We awaken their imagination while capturing their still-forming desires.” This multicultural dimension is the first point of entry, demonstrating that every client is unique.
“Little by little, word of mouth had its effect. We work with each client exclusively and with dedication. We work for him or her. We don’t talk about the others.” Whether needs are clearly expressed or not, Bruno Moinard knows how to perceive them, reveal them, thanks to his tireless pencil that sketches out drawings and plans ad infinitum. “We are very attentive and flexible. We attempt to clearly grasp the personality of our interlocutors. We thereby learn to understand and satisfy them.” Entirely focused, the man with the reputation for being an immense reservoir of endless solutions knows that everything is possible. “It’s a profession that demands great tact, diplomacy, pedagogy and passion as well as patience.”

Each project is a new story imagined with curiosity and an insatiable open mind. Furthermore, voyages are also a galvanizing driver for Bruno Moinard. He considers Paris to be magical and unique, but knows that it is necessary to find fresh air to inspire and renew oneself. “I experience an incredible, almost childlike pleasure discovering other worlds and people, each of them with their own characteristics; the Chinese have an exceptional way of welcoming you, and an amazing energy; the Japanese have a unique respect for the work of others, for savoir-faire, for artists; the Italians are wonderful and excellent in the art of living. I’ve also experienced Africa with Benin, which shows such richness in its colors and in its welcome. In short, the planet offers a great diversity that is now available to all the senses!”

Of course, Bruno Moinard does not win on every occasion, and has sometimes suffered hard knocks. But he is blessed with certain qualities that over time have turned these into positive forces. “We cannot succeed in everything. But we do not give up. Otherwise, if we regularly threw in the towel, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We always have several, very different, projects at the same time. They also act like the school of life. We give the best of ourselves, but we are always put to the test and examined. We need lots of patience, perseverance and even pugnacity. You need to train like for a sport… But that’s how I live. It’s my sport!” Another of his essential qualities is kindness. It is, in fact, combined with generosity and humility. Acting with patience and dedication is not easy for everyone. You have to have heart in order to move mountains and take up the insurmountable challenges. “Yes, we remain humble. Nothing is ever acquired forever. We want always to do better. We have the constant desire for learning, for creating a consensus, and this is recognized.”
One does not instantaneously harvest the fruits of one’s efforts. Otherwise, where would be the merit? But Bruno Moinard has interlaced his education, his values, his beliefs, his experiences, his encounters, and his personal qualities to become what he is today, always knowing that the path ahead continues and that he aims, just like with his projects, for perfection.

As a sign of appreciation, he insists that if his projects have been able to become a reality, if his strengths and successes have gained ever-greater admiration, it is thanks to his many collaborators with whom he has worked on so many projects over the years, including the one who has become his associate. The agency 4BI-Associés has grown remarkably thanks to the combined talents, ideas and dedication of a team that is highly motivated and encouraged by a master architect recognized for his warmth and kindness, and who inspires through leading by example. A rare and precious reference for those who will build the future of 4BI-Associés.